John Pfister, CLFP

In our ever-changing equipment leasing and financing industry we know that it is important to have in-depth knowledge of the various tax, accounting, and legal considerations when leasing or financing. MAZO Capital Solutions is dedicated to investing in its people and is committed to conducting business the Right Way. We are excited to announce that one of MAZO’s very own has become a Certified Leasing and Financing Professional (CLFP).

In this blog post one of our Co-Founders, John Pfister, CLFP, will be discussing his experience and preparation for the CLFP and what this certification means to him, as well as the growing team at MAZO.

Let’s hand it off and hear from John:

I first heard about the CLFP designation towards the end of 2018 but didn’t have a true understanding of what it meant or what the process to earn that certification looked like. As a Salesperson, I was mostly focused throughout the first few years of my career on growing originations through the vendor channel at Currency. I always knew that I needed to learn more...that I needed to better understand the products I was selling and what that might mean for the client I was working with, but I was pretty narrowly focused on the month-at-hand. When I joined Amur, I saw that so many people in the organization were CLFP’s and I began to understand the importance of the designation. As MAZO was forming, we decided to encourage the CLFP and pledged to support anyone interested in attaining the designation. I believe that we have a responsibility to our clients to have a deep understanding of our industry and how the product we sell them can impact their business.

When I first read through the 8th edition of the CLFP textbook, I was intimidated to say the least. There was a large swath of content with which I really hadn’t had exposure to during my career. I read through the entire book once and realized I wouldn’t be able to retain the information as well as the test requires just by reading the material, so I took the test outline provided by Sandy and Reid and went through each of the individual bullet points in the book, creating my own study guide. Signing up for the next Academy for Lease & Finance Professionals (ALFP) seemed like common sense to me as I felt it would be important to do a deep dive into the material with the phenomenal instructors and current CLFP’s they had scheduled. I studied the handbook provided and worked through each of the pricing questions multiple times.

As I mentioned, we at MAZO are dedicated to supporting members of our organization in attaining the CLFP designation. We firmly believe it will enable us to provide exceptional service to the vendor’s, end-users and banks/lenders we work with. In addition, our commitment to the CLFP foundation will help to develop the next generation of equipment financing/leasing professionals and will ensure that we are able to attract high-integrity and high-quality talent into an industry that is so important to our economy.

To learn more about MAZO, MAZO’s finance solutions, or to apply visit our website at https://mazocapital.com/ or feel free to reach out to sales@mazocapital.com or (888) 702-9292. Be sure to follow MAZO on all social media channels to always stay in the loop with MAZO news!

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