Mazo Capital Solutions Salesforce API Endpoint

Salesforce Connected Apps designed to work with REST API endpoints can be time consuming and difficult to deploy, configure, and connect to.

Salesforce documentation is overly complex and their error messages provide little guidance when things go wrong. In fact, they often describe symptoms instead of causes,  like "404 NOT FOUND" instead of saying "you need to be logged in to see this endpoint".

Some companies spend days or weeks attempting to properly deploy REST API solutions connected directly to Salesforce, running up costs.

For these reasons, Mazo Capital Solutions is pleased to offer our own simplified endpoint to take all of the hassle out of sending Leads to our Salesforce implementation.

Once an entry is created it can be updated simply by including the same Applicant Email, or by adding an "id" field to the payload.

Getting started with Mazo's Custom API Endpoint

Mazo Capital Solutions' custom endpoint eliminates all the hassle of creating an application that satisfies all of Salesforce's requirements. We've already done the work, so you can submit Applications here instead.

This makes it unnecessary to use a Salesforce login, or track details like token expiry and the "refresh_token" to renew your session.

Our system takes care of all the authentication stuff, so you can just send us the applicant information and not have to worry about it.

Download a Postman Collection

1. Get an API Key

The first step is to speak to your Mazo Capital Solutions representative and let them know your dealership would like to use the endpoint. 

Your Mazo representative will then supply you with an API Key.

2. Connect to the Mazo Capital Solutions website using the API Key

The URL for the API Endpoint is:


When your application connects to the endpoint, the API Key should be in the headers of a POST request with a payload in the following format:


Authorization: Bearer API_key_supplied_by_Mazo


Minimal Payload

Not all fields are required to create a record. The minimal payload to instantiate a Lead should look like this:
    "FirstName": "Applicant's First Name",
    "LastName": "Applicant's Last Name",
    "Company": "Company Legal Name",
    "Phone": "Applicant's Work Phone in format: (###)-###-####",
    "Email": "Applicant's Business Email Address",
    "OwnerId": "Salesforce ID of Dealership's Mazo Representative",
    "Dealer_ID__c": "Name of Dealership",
    "Account__c": "Dealer's Salesforce Account ID in Mazo's Salesforce implementation"
The last three fields aren't strictly necessary, but are needed in order for the Dealership to be correctly associated with the referral.
JSON POST Full Payload:
    "FirstName": "Applicant's First Name",
    "LastName": "Applicant's Last Name",
    "Title": "Applicant's Title",
    "Company": "Company Legal Name",
    "Street": "Company Address",
    "City": "Company City",
    "State": "Company State",
    "PostalCode": "Company ZIP",
    "Country": "United States",
    "Phone": "Applicant's Work Phone in format: (###)-###-####",
    "Email": "Applicant's Business Email Address",
    "Website": "Company Website",
    "Description": "Company Description",
    "Status": "New",
    "AnnualRevenue": "Company's Annual Revenue",
    "OwnerId": "Salesforce ID of Dealership's Mazo Representative",
    "IsUnreadByOwner": true,
    "Follow_Up__c": true,
    "Lead_Type__c": "Vendor Lead",
    "Years_In_Business__c": "Number of Years the Company has been in business.",
    "Street1__c": "Owner 1 Street Address",
    "First_Name1__c": "Owner 1 First Name",
    "Last_Name1__c": "Owner 1 Last Name",
    "SSN1__c": "Owner 1 SSN",
    "SSN2__c": "Owner 2 SSN",
    "Title1__c": "Owner 1 Title",
    "Title2__c": "Owner 2 Title",
    "Phone1__c": "Owner 1 Phone",
    "Phone2__c": "Owner 2 Phone",
    "Ownership1__c": "Ownership percentage for Owner 1",
    "Ownership2__c": "Ownership percentage for Owner 2",
    "Birthday1__c": "Owner 1 Birthday",
    "Birthday2__c": "Owner 2 Birthday",
    "Citizenship_Status__c": "Owner 1 Citizenship Status",
    "Citizenship_Status_2__c": "Owner 2 Citizenship Status",
    "Street2__c": "Owner 2 Street Address",
    "First_Name2__c": "Owner 2 First Name",
    "Last_Name2__c": "Owner 2 Last Name",
    "City2__c": "Owner 1 City",
    "City2_2__c": "Owner 2 City",
    "Zip2__c": "Owner 1 ZIP",
    "Zip2_2__c": "Owner 2 ZIP",
    "State2__c": "Owner 1 State",
    "State2_2__c": "Owner 2 State",
    "Financing_Type__c": "Type of financing requested",
    "Amount_Requested__c": "Amount of financing requested",
    "Year__c": "If purchasing equipment, year equipment released",
    "Make__c": "If purchasing equipment, Make of equipment",
    "Model__c": "If purchasing equipment, Model of equipment",
    "TBD__c": "If purchasing equipment, boolean to indicate if details are to be determined",
    "Time_Frame__c": "If purchasing equipment, how soon will the transaction occur?",
    "View_Terms__c": "I have read and agree to the Mazo terms of service.",
    "Dealer_ID__c": "Name of Dealership",
    "Applicant_IP_Address__c": "IP address of person filling out the form, or the dealer's server IP.",
    "Account__c": "Dealer's Salesforce ID",
    "Owners__c": "Number of Owners for Company",
    "What_Company_Does__c": "Company's business",
    "WordPress_UniqueID__c": "ignore",
    "Date_and_Time__c": "Datetime of entry creation, in dd/mm/YYYY - h:m:s format",
    "Use_of_funds__c": "What the funds requested will be used for."
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