Meet Our Co-Founders!

MAZO Capital Solutions is a trust-driven, full-service commercial finance company dedicated to serving America’s small business community. Founded by industry veterans, MAZO Capital Solutions team of experts will work diligently to deliver the appropriate capital solution for your business.

MAZO, Spanish for mallet, is what MAZO Capital Solutions was created to do... to serve as a tool to help build and maintain your businesses no matter your end goal. MAZO Capital Solutions is committed to joining you on your path to success.

In this blog, we will be introducing MAZO’s Co-Founders, Andrew Kim and John Pfister, who both have a proven track record of success in the equipment finance industry. Let’s get to know them!

Can you both tell us a little bit about your background and the distinct positions you have held within this industry?

Andrew – I was fortunate enough to get my start in the industry with a company that was relatively small and got to wear a lot of different hats in different areas of the business. My primary focus in the beginning was on sales and went from sales to management to leading the revenue department at Currency. It was an awesome journey to go from 15 employees to 250 during my tenure. I learned from a lot of different individuals and tried to soak in as much as I could and will always be grateful for the generous executives and leaders that took me under their wing and showed me the way. Interacting with our team members and our partners has taught me invaluable lessons that I couldn’t learn in a classroom, and I hope to pay it forward with our team at MAZO.

John – I kind of stumbled into the equipment finance industry back in 2016 under the predecessor of Currency . The company was going through enormous growth and changes when I started, so the importance of being adaptable and agile was instilled in me very early on. I held a variety of roles within the sales organization at Currency, Account Executive to Sales Manager to Manager, Business Development and finally to Enterprise Business Development. At the onset of the pandemic, I pivoted to Amur Equipment Finance where I served as a Senior Account Manager. My focus has always been on the relational aspect of the business and the integration of technology in streamlining the financing process. I have worked with so many amazing people - equipment dealers, strategic partners, trade associations, etc. I have also been extremely fortunate to have learned from so many of the leaders at Currency and Amur.

What excites you most about this new opportunity?

Andrew – The most exciting part for me on this journey is to be able to work alongside our team members, who share the same core values as myself, to create a better experience and process for our clients and partners. We have a lot of experience on the team and strongly believe in our strategy to enhance the experience for all of our clients through our products.

John – This new opportunity is the culmination of a lot of early-morning and late-night conversations about what we really wanted out of our professional lives. I am beyond grateful for the individuals who have joined our mission to provide a better financing solution for our partners. The ability to wake up every morning surrounded by people I trust and respect is far more fulfilling than I ever could have imagined. I am most excited about our team – every single person within the organization is someone I personally care for, and everyone on this team has a skill or talent in a specific area, or couple of areas, making them uniquely qualified to develop solutions that will drive the company forward.

What problem do you see MAZO solving for small business owners?

Andrew – MAZO helps simplify the complexities of the commercial finance process for both the sellers and buyers. Small business owners are experts at running their business and we want to make sure they are focused on doing that every single day. It is not an easy or simple process to get a loan from a bank these days, so we assist our clients with that process and help navigate the best solution for what they need without keeping them away from running their businesses.

John – I believe MAZO is special in that every customer we speak with will feel as if they are just as important as any other. While we certainly have areas we focus on or excel in more than others, we are willing to go the extra mile for customers that have been left behind by more traditional financial institutions. Every person willing to take the chance and start a small business CAN be successful if aligned with the right financing partner. This does not mean we can, or will, do every deal, but it means we can effectively guide our customers through the nuances of commercial finance with integrity and transparency.

Let’s get a little personal, tell us what you guys like to do in your free time?

Andrew – My passion outside of the office is golf and spending time with family and friends. I love anything to do with golf but mostly I love competing in tournaments and I honestly really miss it. I wish I could play more these days, but MAZO takes priority over everything for me right now. I’m hoping to sneak out and play the major amateur tournaments every year. I hope to see all of our partners on the golf course one day!

John - Free time is something that seems more and more fleeting each day. I try to golf, although I’m certainly not qualifying for any major amateur tournaments like Mr. Kim. I enjoy spending time with my wife, hiking, traveling, going to the beach, playing horse, and pretty much anything that allows us to get outside. I enjoy a good meal as much as anyone, service work, reading, and running; however, my wife and I are expecting a baby girl in October, so I imagine most of my free time will be devoted to being the best father I can possibly be.

Let’s Talk!

To learn more about MAZO, MAZO’s finance solutions, or to apply visit our website at https://mazocapital.com/ or feel free to reach out to sales@mazocapital.com or (888) 702-9292. Be sure to follow MAZO on all social media channels to always stay in the loop with MAZO news!

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